I can't upload an image

If you get an empty pop up box that just says Error

It is likely there is a php error, but php error reporting has been disabled. Please see this page for info on how to get errors turned on.

If you get a Plupload Initialize Error

It is likey this has happened in the frontend where there is a javascript conflict with another extension. For plupload to work, there needs to be one jquery library on the page, and jquery needs to come before the plupload scripts in the html source. It may be the case that there is another extension on the page that has already added jquery. If this is the case, please make sure this other jquery library comes first in the html source, and then go into the gallery component paramaters, upload tab and choose No for include jquery. You may need to remove all jquery libraries from the page, and use a plugin that makes sure jquery is loaded first. If this does not help, please send support a frontend login, so we can diagnose the javascript issue.