Ignite Gallery Support
Before emailing:
When you email:
  • Matt might be in a different time zone to your time zone, so please put full info about the question, such as links to any problem pages in the first email. If a temporary admin login would help, please consider creating one and sending it too. This will speed up the support process.

All support is done by Matt (the extension developer). Support is done during these times:

usa Los Angeles:   Sunday-Thursday: 1pm - 11pm,Friday: 3am - 5am
usa New York: Sunday-Thursday: 4pm - 2am,Friday: 6am - 8am
germany Berlin: Sunday-Thursday: 11pm - 9am,  Friday: 11am - 1pm
russia Moscow: Monday-Friday: 12am - 10am,Friday: 1pm - 3pm
india Mumbai: Monday-Friday: 2am - 12pm,Friday: 4pm - 6pm
australia Sydney: Monday-Friday: 7am - 5pm,Friday: 9pm - 11pm